Tom Bassett
4296 Quesnel-Hixon Rd.
Quesnel B.C.V2J 6Z3  Phone: 250-992-3823  Cell: 250-983-5423
My name is Tom Basset. I am from up north, and I've worked in a sawmill for over 30 years. But it's always been my dream to do standup. So one night I'm watching late night comedy and bitching about it not being that funny. Well Tom these guys are professional comedians and making a good living at it, and you work in a goddamn sawmill. So either do something or quit your bitching. So I sat down and started writing. Now you have to realize that I'm 51 years old and have gone through some crazy shit with a lot of crazy characters that have come through my life. Also my workplace, which I will call multiculteral, is a constant source of humor. When you get natives, east indians, italians, dukabors, scotts, germans, neufy's and one black guy, giving it to each other on a regular basis, there's some funny shit going down. Well the next thing I know I've got 100 pages written down. Now what  to do? So I took it over to my buddy Barry McKillican who owns " Outer Rim Records ", and asked him to read it, and tell me what he thinks. I came back a few days later and he said "Tom, we have to do something with this! " So we sat down and made a double cd called , Tom Basset "Unleashed". Now I realize I'm a hick from the sticks and I'm going about this backwards by putting out a cd and setting up a website before I even get on stage, but this is my dream and I have to chase it whichever way I can. Like I said I'm 51 years old, but like to think I look a bit younger. I stand 6'1", and weigh in at about 225 pounds, so I can look a bit intimidating at first, but you'll soon realize I'm a big teddy bear. I also have a few different looks to put out there. I  can come on with a silk shirt and dinner jacket, and give you a set about family with no swearing or dirty stuff that I could do at children's hospital. I can put on my buckskins and cowboy hat and crack up a dinner crowd. Or I can put on my biker jacket and boots and I will gross out a stag party. Tell me what you want and I'll give you what you need. Hope you like what you see. So stand back and watch me chase this crazy dream of mine.