Tom Bassett
4296 Quesnel-Hixon Rd.
Quesnel B.C.V2J 6Z3  Phone: 250-992-3823  Cell: 250-983-5423
Warning: This cd contains foul and vulgar language mixed with funny shit. If the making of this cd happens to offend any natives, East Indians, Dukabors,Scotts, African American, Newfies, Germans, Cowboys and Chindians, Homo's and woman in general "Fat ugly Women in perticular, You know who you are" It was not my intention, But if it did.........Fuck YA. It's funny shit that i lived through and laughed it off and so should you.  

I'd like to thank my family and my friends, You know who you are and my buddy Barry McKillican for turning 100 pages of scribble into a cd and giving me a chance at my dream. Hopefully it will go somewhere and someday i will be able to leave the goddam sawmill i'v been at for over 30 years.

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Tom Bassett 4296 Quesnel-Hixon Rd. Quesnel, BC V2J- 6Z3